Pro: You can listen to Jay-Z‘s hugely anticipated new album, 4:44, on June 29, a whole day before you can blast it on repeat via Tidal, Hov’s streaming platform.

Con: You can only listen to 4:44 if you’re in one of the following nine cities and can squeeze into one of these Sprint stores on June 29. (Also, if you don’t have Tidal, the chances of you waiting a pretty long while to snap the album up on iTunes or elsewhere are good. More on that here.)

Here’s the deal: Tidal and Sprint are hosting twelve 4:44 listening parties across the country on June 29, where DJs will host people passing through these select Sprint stores after-hours who are interested in a sneak peek of the follow-up to 2013’s Magna Carta Holy Grail.

The bigger cities offer more stores for listening, and thus, more chances to get into a listening party, as space is sure to be tight. New York will host four parties, while Los Angeles will host two; Miami, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Atlanta and Chicago will also offer fans a chance to hear 4:44 in advance, but otherwise, this seems to be a pretty exclusive engagement for those seeking out the (reportedly) visual album and Mr. Carter’s first full-length output in four years.

This build-up is pretty intense, so if you’re in NYC, LA, Miami, or one of these cities listed above, maybe think about canceling those dinner plans on June 29.

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