Just over three years since debate over the color of a certain dress nearly tore families apart, a new question has arisen over social media.

And it’s a very simple one:

Laurel or Yannny?

Allow is to explain…

Team Yanny or Team Laurel

Earlier this week, a woman named Cloe Feldman posted a video on her Instagram story, one that was short and sweet and straightforward.

“What do you hear? Yanny or Laurel,” asked the footage.

Despite the footage clearly saying Laurel (let’s be honest here, people), the mere uttering of this single word has divided Hollywood.

Ellen DeGeneres, for example, thinks she knows the answer:

Literally everything at my show just stopped to see if people hear Laurel or Yanny. I hear Laurel.

But Ike Barinholtz disagrees:

I truly do not understand where Laurel comes from. I only hear Yanny. This is not a bit, I am so confused.

Chrissy Teigen feels pretty confident in her opinion:

it’s so clearly laurel. I can’t even figure out how one would hear yanny.


Former Barack Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau says his fellow podcast host won’t let the issue die:

.@jonlovett has been talking about the Laurel/Yanni thing for the last two hours please send help.

poa tweet

Thanos even seems to have a take:

thanos tweet

And Emmy Rossum is downright confused:

I hear #yanny so clearly… but if I listen closely I can hear a deep quiet ghost saying #laurel…. so there… anyone else hear both?

rossum think

So that’s what these famous people think.

What do YOU think?

Listen to the brief video below and decide now!

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