You have to give credit where credit is due and although they have had a public falling out, Yandy is still woman enough to admit that Jim Jones played a major role in her leveling up.

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In a recent Raq Rants interview on TMZ, Yandy spoke on all things Love & Hip Hop even the Joneses. From knowing them back in the day, Raq expressed her disappointment in learning that Yandy still has no relationship with Jim and Chrissy. Yandy has always been self made before managing Jim but admits it was his career that helped her elevate and she was passionate about it because it was “[her] s–t.” In speaking on their relationship she says,

We definitely definitely were like family but you know people outgrow each other. I think everybody has a time and a place in people’s lives and we made a lot of people a lot of money together and even though I was in the industry way before managing Jim, that was my s–t. That was my-my real foot and stamp on this business because I had to do that from ground zero by myself. So I learned a lot and definitely I will always appreciate all that I’ve learned, but it was time to move on.

She continues,

There was no way I could manage Jim the way I was before and also do everything I’m doing. I was 24/7 available, I couldn’t even have children or have a family the way I was a manager with him. Like I’ve learned as I managed other people that you gotta have an off switch…

Over time, Yandy explains, she got the hang of the managing game but it took a while to get there. The Jones’ may not be cool with Yandy anymore but she’s still managing Dipset member Juelz and Cam’ron is still a brother to her. Now, she has dope projects soon to be released featuring artists such as Migos .

Take a listen to what she had to say about Jim and Chrissy in the full interview above along with tea on what’s going on with her and Mendeecees post the latest season of Love & Hip Hop.

Yandy’s thoughts on Jimmy and Chrissy have made quite the shift in a couple of years. In this Love & Hip Hop throwback, Yandy channels her inner Petty Mayonnaise to speak on the Joneses.

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