WWE’s David Otunga

I Wanna Wrestle With Lavar Ball!!

… Make it Happen, Vince!!

6/27/2017 4:23 PM PDT


WWE star David Otunga says he was so blown away by LaVar Ball‘s shirtless antics on Monday Night Raw … he wants to wrestle him … and he’s asking Vince McMahon to make it happen!

We spoke with the Raw commentator about LaVar’s wrestling debut … and Otunga says it was the most entertaining part of the night, even if he went “off the rails.”

Otunga hopes Ball gets invited back … saying he’d dust off his spandex for a shot at LaVar … if Vince gave him the green light. 

Otunga — who’s married to Jennifer Hudson — also talked to us about a movie he made with his son for Father’s Day … and it’s safe to say David Jr. takes after his star parents.

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