Wiz Khalifa dropped Rolling Papers II last Friday, so he stopped by TRL with host Sway Calloway to celebrate the release.

Sway brought in Elliot Zimet, an illusionist, to trip out Wiz with the craziest stunts. I couldn’t take my eyes off all the cringe-worthiness, and neither could Wiz. His last trick seemed like it went totally wrong, until he caught Wiz and Sway unexpected and showed off his best illusion of all.

As great as his Rolling Papers II tracks are, Wiz is far from being just a musical artist. He’s a full-blown entrepreneur, investing heavily in the marijuana industry. But as Sway points out, it’s not all about the money for Wiz: part of his interest in the industry is to help stop the mass incarceration of people convicted with minor drug offenses, a crime that unequally targets people of color. Find out Wiz’s perspective on the issue below. TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET.

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