The Northeast is about to be hit with yet another winter storm, the third nor’easter in 11 days! Find out when Winter Storm Skylar will reach the coast here!

Storm’s brewin’… again! Winter Storm Skylar is about be the third nor’easter in under two weeks that is set to devastate the East Coast. If you live in New England, expect the storm to hit the coast sometime Tuesday, according to With more than a foot of snow anticipated from Massachusetts all the way up to Maine, and winds expected to possibly rage at 60 miles per hour or even higher, Winter Storm Skylar may dangerous for coastal towns in southeastern New England. The bottom line? Expect much more of the same heavy snow, blizzard conditions that have already ravaged the East Coast over the last couple of weeks. While you prepare for the third storm in less than a fortnight, check out pics of Winter Storm Skylar!

The East Coast was previously hit with Winter Storm Riley, a storm that caused destructive winds, heavy snow and coast flooding. And then, the Northeast was hit by Winter Storm Quinn, which caused power outages along the East Coast in addition to downed trees. However, no power issues, at least on the scale that were experienced during Quin, are expected as a result of Winter Storm Skylar — but be on alert for tree damage that may cause minor power outages.

Minor coastal flooding is also expected on the Massachusetts coast on Tuesday morning. In addition, is stressing that the seas will be deadly during the storm. In fact, 25-foot waves are anticipated along with zero visibility, along with a whole lot of precipitation.

We’ll keep you posted with any new developments on Winter Storm Skylar as it reaches coasts and causes huge snowfall!

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