Will Smith loves putting his family members on blast, and to be honest, it’s downright hilarious. A few months ago, the 49-year-old dad trolled his younger son, Jaden, by releasing a parody of his mini me’s “Icon” music video, and now he’s going after the matriarch of his clan. In a hysterical Instagram video, the actor poked fun at Jada for wearing a particularly frumpy outfit, comparing her to a Lord of the Rings character. Will zoomed in to various components of her cozy getup, starting with her UGG-like boots and leggings, all the way up to her oversize knit sweater and pink beanie.

He paired the funny clip with an equally LOL-worthy caption that referenced Lord of the Rings, writing, “She looks like she’s texting Bilbo Baggins about the party in Mordor. She like… ‘BOY, where is my RING?!?!'” Well, I guess this is what I can look forward to if I ever reach the 20-year mark of a relationship.

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