UH OH. Donald’s speaking in public again.

So what the HELL are Republicans going to do now? Fox News activate! As Heather describes the video above:

Fox’s “medical A-team” member Dr. Marc Siegel tells American’s Newsroom host Bill Hemmer that Trump should follow his HHS Secretary nominee Tom Price’s plan to shift people covered under the ACA into high-risk pools and block grant Medicaid as a solution to make sure that everyone in the country has health insurance as Donald Trump promised.

Hey, the Republican Party was successful in getting their entire constituency to forget George W. Bush, maybe they can get them to…you know…just ignore what Trump is actually saying forever!

Scrub the record and go back to block granting Medicaid to the states!

Oh, and high deductible risk pools! That’s it! Sell across state lines!

All the tired won’t work “solutions” that are based on NOT covering everyone.

Donald just blew that boat right out of the water, but Reince Priebus insists Trump will keep all of his promises!

So far he’s promised:

1. No pre-existing conditions
2. Keep under 26 on parent’s policies
3, Repeal and replace the same day maybe the same hour

Oh, and

5, “at a fraction of the cost.”

Sounds like single payer to me! Hooray! Get the bill ready, Mister Speaker!

And he hasn’t been inaugurated yet.

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