Wedding bells are reportedly on the way for and his boyfriend Clifton Dassuncao. As the relationship between the “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” host and his longtime boyfriend heats up, a marriage discussion has been brought up.

“Andy has been talking a lot recently about marriage and kids,” a source tells . “He has achieved everything that he wants professionally and is now focusing on his private life.”

The source goes on saying, “He looks at his friends and . They are both in loving marriages with kids and now he wants that for himself.” Now that the 49-year-old TV personality “has spent a long time focusing on his career and now it’s time to focus on himself,” he allegedly wants to “focus on himself” and settle down with his 29-year-old boyfriend.

“Pals say he will be engaged by the end of the summer and married before the end of the year,” a source claims. However, don’t expect to see any of “The Real Housewives” cast members among the attendees. “I doubt he would want any of his ‘Housewives’ cast at his wedding. They are all just too much drama for his real life,” says a source.

In a recent interview, the host couldn’t help gushing about his boyfriend. “He’s smart, and is own person, and very cute,” he said, before adding, “He’s pretty cool. You can put him with anyone and he’ll run with it.” Andy and Clifton, who is a fellow in Environmental Science and Engineering at Harvard University, met in 2015 during the opening night of his AC2 Tour with in Boston.


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