Tyron Woodley

I’m Going To Kill Colby Covington

6/11/2018 4:35 PM PDT


Tyron Woodley says he’s gonna do way more than kick the hell outta Colby Covington … telling TMZ Sports he’s going to KILL CC in the Octagon … and it doesn’t sound like he was kidding. 

Covinginton (again) called Woodley out this past Saturday after his victory over Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 225 … referring to Woodley as a “coward” and a “b**ch.”

Well, he got through to Tyron … because when Woodley came on the “TMZ Sports” TV show (full interview airs tonight at 9PM PT on FS1), he told the guys he was going to do the type of damage to Covington that can’t be reversed. 

“I want him never to fight again,” T-Wood says, “I want to end his life.”

Woodley says it’s not just the call-out that’s got him so pissed at Covington, it’s the guy’s whole EXISTENCE that ticks him off.

“When you disrespect my division, you disrespect the sport, you disrespect the team that I fight for, and also, just the HUMAN RACE, you’re an embarrassment.”

“It ain’t talk no more.”

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