During one of the ubiquitous “pool sprays” put on by the White House press office to strut Donald Trump in front of the cameras and let him serve as his own press secretary, he managed to blame the Chinese president for Kim Jong Un’s announcement that North Korea won’t be the next Libya. He did this in front of the Secretary General of NATO, which was also special.

Trump did his best to get John Bolton out of a bind after his comments about how proud he was of the denuclearization of Libya, which ultimately led to the downfall of Qaddafi.

“China’s never had this [trade] problem with us. Trump declared, referring to the fact that he has slapped a lot of tariffs on China, causing them to turn to Russia for basics, like soybeans.

“It could very well be that [Xi] is influencing Kim Jong-Un,” he continued, shamelessly hanging John Bolton’s gaffe on the Chinese president.

“We’ll see what happens. meaning, the President of China, President Xi, could be influencing Kim Jong-Un,” he gossiped with nothing to back up that claim. But we’ll see.”

“If you remember, a few weeks ago, all of a sudden out of nowhere Kim Jong-Un went to China to say hello again, a second time, to President Xi.,” Mr. Conspiracy Theorist told the press with a straight face.

“I think they were dedicating an aircraft carrier, paid for largely by the United States,” he concluded, with Kellyanne Conway acting as cattle herd to push the press out of the room before they could follow up.

As he spoke, there was a Chinese delegation at the White House dealing with trade issues — issues which are doing grave harm to voters in Donald Trump’s base. So to rehabilitate John Bolton, Trump blames the Chinese president, lights up a conspiracy theory with ZERO facts under it, and tries the Gossip Girl approach to international diplomacy.

Way to go, orange shitgibbon. Way to go.

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