What’s the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, right?

So, is the media insane or just past caring about being remotely competent at their job?

Because, riddle me this, why on earth is the president-elect, in the middle of allegedly interviewing anyone halfway willing to be part of the regime that will destroy the nation, worrying about the cast of a Broadway show? Does it really help him to call attention to it over and over?

Yes, actually it does.

Because look at this chart and note how the number of references to “Trump Hamilton” in the media just keeps going up while references to “Trump University” goes down.

And as Twitter user and author Melissa de la Cruz points out, the New York Times fell right into Trump’s small and orange-tinted hands:

That settlement is no small thing. Besides being completely unprecedented (how many incoming presidents have DOZENS of lawsuits pending against them?), $25 million is a fairly significant sum, especially for someone who brags about never settling suits, when he’s “in the right”. But watch it go right down the memory hole as reporters clutch pearls over the biggest bully on the campaign trail getting intimidated by some theater geeks.

And then the media wonders why public trust is at an all-time low..

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