Tristan Thompson

House Hunting Solo In L.A.

… Check Out the Pics

7/8/2018 12:50 AM PDT


Tristan Thompson went house hunting this week without Khloe Kardashian and looked at a $2 million modern home that’s move-in ready.

Tristan and a bevy of realtors were spotted in Woodland Hills this week, not far from where Khloe lives, checking out an amazing 7 bedroom, 8 bath home … and, yes, there’s a basketball court in the backyard.

Tristan already owns a nice crib in Cleveland, where he lives during basketball season, but he’s been in L.A. since the season ended. He’s been shacking up with Khloe in L.A., so it’s possible she just sat this trip out with their newborn, True.

Last year, at about the same time, the couple looked at a huge crib in the San Fernando Valley which also had a basketball court and pool, but didn’t pull the plug on the place.

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