Closure is an essential part of a breakup. After watching this Love & Hip Hop Miami highlight clip, it’s clear Trick Daddy and Joy never had the chance to get everything off of their chests because they don’t really understand why they broke up.

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After being let into Trick’s house by Dawn (yes that Dawn from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta) Joy wants to talk because she wants closure. Trick seems open because he really doesn’t know why Joy left and even after she says it was because she wasn’t happy, he’s still not buying. According to him, he was buying everything else that money could afford and it still wasn’t enough for Joy. HE even reads all of her recent exes saying that none of those “peasants” can give her the life and love she deserves. But for Joy, money was never the problem. The love was. Trick Daddy just gets up because he’s over it. It doesn’t look like they’re getting closure now, but hopefully it will come.

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