Tim Tebow

Still Ain’t Close to MLB Ready

… Says Ex-MLB & NFL Star

3/29/2018 4:15 PM PDT


Tim Tebow‘s doing all the right things to make it to the Bigs, but he’s still got a looong way to go — so says Brian Jordan, a guy who used to pull double-duty for MLB and NFL!!

We got the former Major League All-Star (and Pro Bowl alternate) at Opening Day for the Braves … and even though Tebow just got sent down to Double A by the Mets, Brian told us he’s damn impressed with the QB’s accomplishments thus far. 

“He’s progressing along and getting better … he still has a couple of holes and he’s working hard to fill ’em,” Jordan told TMZ Sports.

That said, BJ told us not to expect any Tebow sightings at Citi Field for a while ’cause he “still needs a lot of time down in the Minor Leagues.”

But don’t feel down, Timmy — Brian also said he’s pullin’ for ya 100% … and if we were you, we’d give this 2-sport legend a dial! 

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