Tiger Woods

Completes ‘Intensive Program’

… For Rx Pill Issue

7/3/2017 3:11 PM PDT

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Tiger Woods is out of the woods for his issues with prescription pills … at least that’s what he’s claiming now.

Tiger posted a message Monday saying he completed an out of state “private intensive program” to deal with his medication problem that got him busted for DUI in May.

He goes on to say he’ll continue to tackle his problem with the help of his doctors, family and friends. 

We broke the story … Tiger was found by cops asleep at the wheel while driving in Florida. He failed a field sobriety test that was captured on video, and later blew zeros on a breathalyzer … meaning he was not intoxicated with alcohol. 

Tiger blamed the DUI on a bad mix of prescription pills … for which he said he’d be getting “professional help.” Seems like the job’s all done.

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