Mamas always be knowing and this Love & Hip Hop Atlanta highlight clip proves it as the moms of some of our favorite cast members were able to sit down to try to help one of their own with the challenges of motherhood. Now normally Love & Hip Hop sit downs with two or more attendees results in someone catching hands, but the ATL OGs, KK, Momma Dee and Deb Antney were able sit down with Tammy’s mom, Mona, and Tommie’s mom, Samantha and have nothing but positivity.

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Earlier in the episode, Tammy revealed to Tommie that she and her mom, Mona, once had a strained relationship as the result of substance abuse but she and her mom were able to work on their relationship and she hopes that Tommie and Samantha can too. During the meeting of the mamas, KK explained that Mona reached out to her wanting to meet and give advice to Sam and KK felt that Deb and Momma Dee should be there as well since they’ve all had their own trials and tribulations with their children. Mona hops right to the point by telling Sam that she sees similarities between her relationship with her daughter and Tommie and Sam. Sam seems surprised and Mona reveals that a key part of her healing process was apologizing to Tammy for what she put her through. The last few interactions we’ve seen with Sam and Tommie haven’t gone well and the other mothers get emotional when Sam says she hasn’t hugged Tommie in years. While acknowledging how she messed up, all of the other women tell her that’s ok but she has to move to forward. Momma Dee announces that she has a new palace and wants to invite all the mamas and Tommie and Tammy to the housewarming to try to help bring everyone together. KK is skeptical but flat out says that no alcohol can be involved because that’s what prevents the Sam and Tommie from having productive conversations.

The women cheers to sisterhood and we hope that they can all come together to successfully help Tommie and Sam move forward.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta airs on Mondays at 8/7c.

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