Bless Justin Hartley for ‘This Is Us’ scoop! talked EXCLUSIVELY with the actor about what Kevin’s going to do next after bolting on opening night of his play. Plus, he even spills some secrets about the finale!

Will Kevin get a second chance with his play?
I think that’s what he’s going to have to figure out, right? He let a bunch of people down. I think he had no choice, he was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Given all the history between him and his brother, he needed to be there. There was no choice. He had to go. And he wanted to go. There was really only one other person who could have been there for him and that was Kevin. Jack Pearson’s son, right? I think his next move is to try and mend those fences and figure out how to get all those people to fill the seats again. He really does feel this play is good, and it’s worth seeing.

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Sophie was introduced in the previous episodes, what can you say about their relationship going forward? 
You know, he’s full-speed ahead. Kevin is very much convinced that he has changed. He wants to right all the wrongs. He’s going to do whatever he has to do to get her back. He’s realizing that she is the love of his life, and he messed everything up, and he doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life without her. Not for one second. I think that sometimes in life some things, even awful things, are redeemable. He has changed. He’s a different person, so he going to do everything he can to get what he wants, which is this wonderful, lovely woman back.

We’ve seen Jack’s relationship between Kate and Randall but not Kevin. Are we going to see more of their father and son relationship? 
I hope so. I wouldn’t be in it, but I hope so. Obviously, there’s a deep, deep, deep love that Kevin has for his father and there’s this huge, gaping hole that’s missing in his life. Not only because his father died but when he died in those formative years. What were they? Like 16 or 17? There’s a lot he probably learned from his father and there’s a lot he didn’t get to learn because his father was gone. So, like, how do you teach yourself how to shave your throat without cutting off your Adam’s Apple? That’s thing you’re supposed to learn from your dad. I think that has to be addressed. There were obviously very tight. There’s that one speech that Kevin had where he said, “My dad died and I hated him for it. And I was mad and I couldn’t eat and I used to cry myself to sleep.” So there’s that story to be told as well.

What can you tease about the finale?
The finale is huge. It’s going to floor you. And I know that sounds so cliche but, in keeping with This Is Us, it’s very much one of those “oh my gosh — they did it to me again” kind of things. But at the same time, it takes a turn toward the darker side maybe a little bit.

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