What do you get when you combine an entire basketball team, banners, a drumline, cheerleaders and 400 high school students? The promposal of a lifetime.

On tonight’s premiere episode of MTV’s new Promposal — which showcases teens’ elaborate efforts to invite their crushes to the year’s biggest dance — an Atlanta girl named Destini pulled out all the aforementioned stops to get her boyfriend to say “yes.” But the road to prom wasn’t as smooth as she’d hoped — first off, the 16-year-old had to face her fears that her beau would say, well, no.

“Damon doesn’t want to go to prom because he says that we’re juniors and that it’s going to be lame if we go now,” Destini said. “But prom is such a big deal to me… [it’s] like a mini-marriage.”

Secondly, Destini had to convince Ms. Tellis — aka assistant principal of Lakeside High School — to basically throw an entire pep rally devoted to Damon. Next, Damon had to meet Destini’s dad (anyone else squirm when Pops asked, “What’s your intentions with my daughter?” — twice?). Then she had to make sure her assistants didn’t screw up — writing Damon’s name in glitter on a poster was a definite no-no, for example — all while rehearsing the song she planned to perform at the promposal.

But Destini jumped over every hurdle like an Olympian and pulled off the epic ask without a hitch. Damon’s response? After a moment of silence that felt as long as the big-screen version of Gandhi, a great big “yes.”

“I’m super-impressed with myself right now because I pulled this off,” Destini said — and later, when she and Damon took pre-prom photos in their very best attire, she declared, “We are officially the Jay-Z and Beyonce of Lakeside.” #flawless

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