Aquaria and The Vixen engage in a shade throwing battle for the ages in this RuPaul’s Drag Race highlight.

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If you recall, some messiness ensured last week when Vixen put Aquaria on blast for the things she said about Miz Cracker during Untucked. Vixen calls it keeping it real. Aquaria calls it instigating. Either way, it’s a recipe for a feud.

It’s clear that there’s still some tension between them. But with two victories under her belt, Vixen is feeling completely unbothered. That is until Asia brings up the fact that she won last week’s challenge wearing a wig she borrowed from Eureka. Aquaria adds another jab towards Vixen, saying “can we talk about how your best drag is someone else’s wig though?” And then…boom goes the dynamite.

Vixen wastes no time clapping back. “So I won and you were in the bottom. You wanted to be shady and it didn’t work.” Before the argument implodes completely, Monique completely freaks out over a spider than landed on her dress. Suddenly the attention in the room is diverted and the argument is put on the backburner…for now.

See how things heat up between Vixen and Aquaria when RuPaul’s Drag Race returns next Thursday at 8/7c.

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