Some people take selfies. Some people pose for pictures. And some people get their likeness immortalized not in film or pixels, but in stone. Or at least that’s what happened to Abel Tesfaye, ’cause some artist decided to do just that and mold a sculpture of The Weeknd‘s face.

Let’s take a look at a recent photo of Tesfaye, one he snapped himself and uploaded to Instagram yesterday (Nov. 11).

Now, let’s look at the next photo he posted, which is of a bust of his head that has him looking like one of those Muppet statues that freaks people out by suddenly talking in an unexpected moment.

First: GAH.

Second: The artist did a pretty great job, and got Abel’s gaze down pat. He can’t feel his face when he’s with you, but he can feel his face if he feels so inclined when he’s with this statue, technically. It just may be a little, uh, clammy.

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