Fans have been speculating that “” is only spinning its wheels. However, , who plays Rick Grimes on the series, addressed fans’ concerns, promising season 7 would make more sense in season 7 finale.

“I think sometimes having to wait is a good thing because you get to recap on other things and view it in a different way,” Lincoln told . “Although I would say that this season made a lot more sense once we got the last role of film in the can for episode 716,” he shared.

The actor also talked about the complaints about the brutal violence depicted in the deaths of Glenn () and Abraham () in season 7 premiere. Lincoln explained, “Rather than just have a very cool exciting build-up to war between Negan () and Rick, he [showrunner Scott M. Gimple] wanted people to have more than that – to really feel that they want justice and then to also acknowledge the cost of what had happened and why they were willing to risk it all again while realizing that they were putting many, many, many lives back in the firing line.”

Lincoln continued, “I think he really wanted it to feel like the audience, rather than just baying for blood, wanted justice for what had happened. And that, for me, was quite a helpful way of understanding why it had to be so immersive and so painful – certainly for all of us on set and acting in it, but also, I think, for the audience.”

The second half of “The Walking Dead” season 7 airs on Sunday, February 12 at 9 P.M. ET on AMC.


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