Did the end of the war live up to the tremendous hype?

On The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 16, the fight against the Saviors reached a dramatic conclusion. 

When the episode got underway, Rick and the members of the AHK alliance were getting ready for the big battle at the Hilltop. 

Morgan struggled to get to grips with the fact that he was embroiled in another war, and worried that taking innocent people out was going to change him in a way he did not like. 

When Rick warned Morgan that it was best to stay behind and out of the fight, Morgan noted that each of them were horrible now and that was a result of the decisions they made. 

At the Sanctuary, Negan and his minions were preparing for the war, knowing they were going to have the upper hand because Dwight gave the Hilltoppers some fake news. 

Eugene was on hand with the bullets he custom built for the saviors. Negan and his team set off and even took Father Gabriel along for the ride. 

Negan admitted to Gabriel on the road that he was messing with Rick by putting some of his men in a place that Rick and the AHK alliance would find them. 

This would give Negan more time to laugh because it meant Rick would think the information Dwight gave them was the real deal. 

In true Rick fashion, he figured that it was all a ruse, and told his people it was time to change things up. 

Gabriel made a run for it, but Eugene appeared in the woods and held him captive until Negan showed up. While Negan wondered whether to kill Gabriel, he decided to keep him as a bargaining chip. 

Just when Negan thought he had the upper hand and his men were ready to fight the AHK alliance, their bullets blew up in their guns. 

Oh yes, Eugene was still working with his original alliance, and it was a plan months in the making. Negan tried to make a break for freedom. 

At the Hilltop, another round of Saviors tried to take over, but the Oceanside women were talked around to helping the AHK alliance. 

They chucked bombs at the Saviors and allowed Hilltop to remain under the spell of the good guys. 

Rick and Negan fought it out, and Rick eventually cut Negan’s throat. But that did not mean he was going to die, and Rick ordered Siddiq to save the villain’s life. 

Rick said that he was ready to put the past behind him and that everyone will stop the fighting. Maggie and Daryl were less than enthused by this, and seem poised to go after Rick. 

Finally, Negan woke up and Rick and Michonne admitted they were keeping him alive so that everyone knew they were building a civilization. 

It looks like Carl’s letter had a lasting effect on Rick, and that’s why the father wrote a letter of his own back to his son. 

Yes, it seems like The Walking Dead Season 9 is going to be very different. 

What did you think of the episode?

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