The highly-anticipated new season of “” certainly lives up to its new theme, “Feel the love”. In a first clip, 29-year-old J. Chosen drives and fellow coaches , and crazy with his mind-blowing performance during blind auditions.

J. Chosen belts a pitch-perfect rendition of ‘s “Sexual Healing.” Just moment after Chosen sings the first verse, Shelton exclaims in awe, “Wow!” Levine is the first coach to turn his chair, totally in love with Chosen’s performance, followed by other coaches who are equally in awe.

Chosen, who is from Georgia, showcases his excellent vocal range, starting from a low croon and smoothly building to higher-octave notes. All the coaches later are involved in a hilarious exchange trying to win his heart. Shelton jokes after a standing ovation, “He just healed us sexually.”

Keys is also seen adorably hiding behind Stefani’s chair in the sneak peek of “The Voice” season 12. Keys dubs Chosen performance “powerful and crazy emotional.” When Chosen is about to decide who is the lucky one to be his coach, Levine says, “If, for some reason, there’s nothing I can unlock inside of you to realize that I’m your man, I won’t be able to sleep tonight.” Obviously, the clip doesn’t reveal whom he eventually picks.

Catch the show’s season 12 premiere on Monday, February 27 at 8 P.M. ET on NBC to find out who J. Chosen picks to be his coach.


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