After the very long Blind Auditions stage of this veteran NBC reality series, it was time for the singers to go head-to-head on Monday night to come out as the best of the rest. 

Who never made much of an impact at this stage of the competition? Who sang higher than the rest?

It’s time to run down the latest episode of this NBC smash…

Brennley Brown vs. Lauren Duski

Blake Shelton’s Country singers went head-to-head and sang “Better Man” by Little Big Town. The interesting thing about this performance was that it was a tough decision to decide which one of them should be saved. 

Their vocals were excellent. It was most definitely not the easiest decision, but Blake decided to keep Lauren Duski. Unfortunately for Brennley Brown, Gwen Stefani wanted to take on some cast-offs from her boyfriend’s team. 

JChosen vs. Kenny P

Remember how we were ecstatic about the addition of JChosen a few weeks back? It turns out, we were right. Battling Kenny P for supremacy as they sang “I Was Made to Love You” by Stevie Wonder was the best way to benchmark the two voices. 

JChosen emerged as the winner, but that was obviously going to happen from the get-go. His personality, voice and sheer determination helped him eke out the victory. 

As expected, JChosen advanced to the next stage. Kenny P’s voice was no match, and there was no steal. That meant it was the end of the line for Kenny P. 

Anatalia Villaranda vs. Missy Robinson

Do you ever feel like producers pick songs that will benefit who they want to make it further into the competition? Anatalia and Missy performed “Tightrope” by Janelle Monae, but only Anatalia seemed to know the song. 

Missy’s performance was just all over the place, and it was sad considering how well she performed at her audition. Alicia was put in a tough spot and ultimately stuck with Anatalia. 

Missy was eliminated and sent home. 

Gaby Borromeo and Mark Isaiah

Gaby and Mark battled to “Pillowtalk” by Zayn Malik, and it was surprisingly very close. It seemed like a song made for Mark, but it was so much more than that.

It was interesting to watch them both go at it to try and stay in the game. Sadly, Adam seemed to think Mark was the clear winner here and kept Mark in the process. 

Gaby was sent packing, and we actually felt bad for her. She deserved so much better. She would have been better suited with the likes of Alicia. 

Felicia Temple vs. Quizz Swanigan

“Titanium” by David Guetta is not the best song to sing during a competition, but Alicia did not seem to get the memo. It was blatantly obvious Alicia kept Quizz because he’s known as the youngest contestant in the competition. 

Quizz is good, but it seemed like Alicia never really thought it through. Thankfully, Felicia found a place on Team Blake, so we’re happy about that. 

Ashley Levin vs. Casi Joy

The show saved the best performance for last, with both women going head-to-head with a rendition of “How Blue by Reba McEntire. Pitting the two women against each other was always going to be difficult when you consider just how AMAZING they both sound. 

The performance was something you would expect from finale night. It really had everything, but Blake could only keep one of the women. He kept Casi Joy. 

But that resulted in some sort of bidding war between the other three coaches. Alicia took the win and added one of the most promising contestants to her team. 

That’s a wrap on Part 1 of the Battle Rounds. What did you think of the decisions?

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