The Vixen may have been the match to strike up a few heated conversations this season, but it was all in the name of keeping it real.

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In this RuPaul’s Drag Race sneak peek, Vixen chats it up with RuPaul about the making of her spacey couture look for the maxi challenge called “The Last Ball On Earth.” While she’s there, Ru gets an opportunity to learn more about The Vixen’s background in sewing and beyond. She reveals her influence back in her hometown of Chicago, where she’s known for her politically charged performances and even has a recurring show called “Black Girl Magic” where she explores the triumphs and struggles of Black women.

The Vixen has clearly solidified herself as the one who will shake up things up this season, but will her fellow queens (cough cough Aquaria) appreciate her “keep it real” approach?

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