and are following each other on Instagram and everyone’s now convinced that something is going to happen between them. The former Disney darling was the first to make the social media move over the weekend by following the Colombian singer and liking one of his posts.

Also sending fans into a frenzy was Maluma himself, who followed Selena back and liked a photo which she captioned, “Vente pa’ ca.” That happens to be the title of Maluma’s collaboration with , so there are people who think that Selena’s hinting at a remix for the track.

However, there are also fans who think that Selena’s getting flirty with Maluma and hope they’ll end up being a couple. “Can @maluma and @selenagomez get marry already? You guys would make the cutest babies and songs ever tbh,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “If Selena Gomez dates Maluma I can die happy,” another tweeted in Spanish.

If you’re not familiar with Maluma, the 22-year-old hunk is one of Latino music’s hottest rising stars right now with around 20 millions followers on Instagram. He’s the one featured on ‘s chart-topping new single “Chantaje”.


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