A Texas history teacher was arrested this week and charged with sexual assault with an ex-student after meeting up with him at a local Chick-fil-A restaurant.

People Magazine was the first outlet to report the incident.

According to court records, Michelle Schiffer has been charged with engaging in an improper relationship with a student who is now 16 years old.

He was 15 at the time of the sexual encounter.

Schiffer is 23.

The teacher told authorities that she met the unnamed student at the aforementioned fast food restaurant before they went to a friend’s home to have sex.

The student, meanwhile, told authorities that Schiffer picked him up once at a park in her car – and then the inappropriate twosome drove around the neighborhood before having sex in a parking lot.

This second allegation was reported by local TV station CW39.

Chick-fil-A pic

The same network adds that Schiffer and the student had sex on multiple occasions.

Schiffer teaches world history at Cypress Springs High School in Cypress, Texas.

She was ordered to appear in court on Wednesday to face her charges, while a judge has set bond at $30,000.

Official records indicate that Schiffer posted the amount later that day and is now a free woman.

Having admitted that she also smoked marijuana with this student in the car, it’s also safe to classify her as a messed up woman.

The Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District has said in a statement that the 23-year old was immediately removed from campus and placed on administrative leave once they learned of the charges.

We’d have to imagine she’ll soon be fired.

“We will continue to protect our students and not tolerate relationships of an inappropriate nature,” the statement reads.

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No word on the scandal from Chick-fil-A, although there’s no real reason for the chain to speak out.

It continues to provide consumers with delicious chicken sandwiches, while not being a big fan of gay people.

Here’s a look, meanwhile, at other teachers who have had sex with students.

For hilarious shame on them…

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