Forget about a possible reunion — during the Jan. 1 episode of ‘Teen Mom OG’, Amber revealed she dumped Matt for good. Sadly for Matt, it led him into a deep depression.

Amber was all over the place, romantically, during the Jan. 1 episode of Teen Mom OG. Just a few weeks ago, she was talking about meeting up with Matt in Las Vegas, but this week, she told producers that she decided against doing that and instead, dumped him for good. To help her get over the 3-year relationship, she invited a new guy (Andrew) to her house for some 1-on-1 time — someone she met while filming Marriage Boot Camp (with Matt). In real time, Amber and Andrew are already expecting their first child together, so this new relationship must have progressed pretty quickly. Anyway, during this week’s episode, Amber refrained from introducing Andrew to Leah, as she wanted to wait until they were more established as a couple.

Interestingly, Amber also stayed away from Leah so she could get over Matt and cry in private/have fun with her new man. She thought it was best idea for everyone involved, but Gary wasn’t too happy about Amber going MIA. He let her know how disappointed he was, and that’s also when Amber divulged a few more details about her breakup with Matt. She told Gary and Kristina that Matt had been texting her every day, begging her to take him back. He even sent her a picture of 20 pills, saying he was going to kill himself if she didn’t give him another chance. Poor Amber. While our hearts ache for the pain Matt went through post-split, he shouldn’t have said such things to Amber. And sending an addict a picture of pills is just wrong… on so many levels.

Meanwhile, Catelynn and Tyler finally reunited with their birth daughter, Carly, after a two-year separation. It was a joyful reunion — and one that included Carly’s adopted brother’s birth mother, and adoption specialist Dawn — but it left Catelynn feeling depressed once she had to say goodbye to her eldest daughter. Tyler, on the other hand, said the reunion inspired him to want more children. He even asked Catelynn if they could start “popping out more” ASAP. That made her smile and laugh, which was nice to see.

In other Teen Mom OG news, Maci went skydiving for her birthday, while Ryan and Mackenzie posed for engagement photos. It took her a while to convince him to get dressed for the occasion, and let’s just say, he seemed off… Maybe it was a good idea for Maci to demand he take drug tests before seeing Bentley.

And lastly, Farrah and Sophia attended her grandmother’s 80th birthday party before going out for a late dinner with Debra. While there, Sophia said she never wants to see Debra again if she ends up marrying David (something that has already happened in real time). That’s pretty much it — but can we just say how badly Farrah needs to stop talking about her personal feelings with Sophia. Sophia is is a child and shouldn’t be hearing Farrah’s hatred for David. Just look at how Sophia is acting because of it… as they walked to the birthday party, Sophia said, “I hope David isn’t at the party.” Sophia is turning into a major brat (sorry), and we can only thing of one person to blame…

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