Kailyn has tried to ensure that Jo and Javi have a cordial Teen Mom 2 relationship, despite misunderstandings through the years regarding child support and celebrating milestones together. And during tonight’s episode, the young dads truly proved how far they have come when they had a joint get-together to ensure Isaac could spend time with Javi (following the family changes post-deployment).

At first, Jo told Javi (without the kids present) that he would prefer that he and Kail not argue in front of his son because it left the six-year-old upset and confused about who was “right.” Javi offered a sincere apology and assured Jo that this type of incident would not happen again. From there, the candid conversation took a heartwarming turn.

“I know you and me have had our differences, [but] understand that is all gone,” Jo stated, showing a maturity viewers have witnessed throughout this season. “I’m happy you’re home. I’m happy to see you, and I never thought I would have that emotion. But it’s the truth. Especially for these kids,” he concluded as Javi smiled and the two shared a sweet hug.

This friendly interaction is definite proof that while they might not always agree — and there are no guarantees regarding their dealings moving forward — Jo and Javi are committed to making sure communication is open, and Jo is willing to coordinate meetings so Javi and Isaac can see each other (a statement he also told his mini-me).

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