Taylor Swift just blindsided fans by teasing “Ready For It,” the second single off  her upcoming album and, surprise surprise, Swifties are beside themselves! Here’s what they’re saying!

Taylor Swift just pulled a fast one on her fans! As she was partying on Martha’s Vineyard at her BFF’s wedding (in a ravishing maroon gown, we might add), a new ABC promo was released showcasing the fall TV lineup and featuring a singer you might recognize! That’s right! Taylor’s second single off Reputation, title “Ready For It” plays throughout and, no offense against “Look What You Made Me Do,” but this is the Taylor single that you’ve been waiting for! It’s inspiring, super catchy and destined to dominate the airwaves! So, as you probably guessed, Swifties are losing their minds!

First, Taylor had to make sure she had her fans’ attention. Earlier in the day, Taylor posted a simple image on her Instagram story: a black-and-white post that read: “Alabama VS. Florida State.” Naturally, this lead countless fans to tune into the college football, during which ABC promo dropped! “I CALLED IT. She put out a song that would cause buzz first and immediately follows up with a surefire hit,” one fan wrote of Taylor’s very different new tracks. “Look what Taylor made me do: Watch college football,” a clever fan posted. Head here for more pics of the svelte songstress!

The next, and probably most important question of the day is: when and where will fans be able to hear “Ready For It” in its entirety!? One fan claims that Taylor was liking Tumblr posts earlier today suggesting the song could be available tonight on iTunes! Although that seems awfully quick to be dropping her second single, anything is possible when it comes to new music in 2017! Fingers crossed!

HollywoodLifers, are you betting Taylor will be releasing “Ready For It” tonight? Let us know!

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