Just because Auntie Tami will smoke a cigarette doesn’t mean she knows how to smoke a cigar, and what better way to learn than to do it in a cigar shop while talking about men, romance and dating?

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Hazel and Tami decide to meet up for a little bonding at a cigar shop in an attempt to get Tami puffing on cigars before an upcoming vacation with Reggie. When Keonna joins them, she sits down for a little girl talk and asks Tami how she and Reggie met. The story goes exactly the way that you’d expect a “how did you meet story” from Tami to go. She was out with her homegirl, Reggie was out with his homeboy, homeboy and homegirl started talking and flirting, leaving Tami and Reggie being stank and looking at each other. After it became clear as day that the homies weren’t going to end their boo-fest anytime soon, Tami and Reggie gave in and started talking. Their relationship progressed and boom, here they are in love and looking for surrogates. Hazel also dished on her own dating experience and decided that she and Keonna need to go out on the prowl together as each other’s wingwomen.

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