Vincent Herbert on Laura Govan

You Knock Her Up?

No, Siree!!!!

12/31/2017 11:10 AM PST

Vincent Herbert did not get Laura Govan pregnant and did not commit spousal abuse on Tamar Braxton … this according to Vince himself.

A pap got Tamar’s estranged hubby Sunday out in Bev Hills where the denials came straight from the horse’s mouth. Vince says it clear as day on the Govan rumor … not true at all.

He also backs up what Tamar said herself about his Christmas day arrest — there was no spousal abuse … even though he was, in fact, arrested for spousal assault.

We broke the stories … Tamar unleashed her fury on a woman claiming to have gotten pregnant by Vincent, and people were quick to assume she was referring to Laura. Laura denies it’s her, and says her own ex, Gilbert Arenas, is the one fueling the rumor.

Gilbert’s got his own thoughts on the matter. But it looks like Vince wants to clear his name.

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