Being a straightforward person has its own downside, at least to Sulli. Speaking to Grazia Korea for its newest issue, the “To the Beautiful You” actress shares that people often misunderstand her as well as reveals her biggest regret in life.

Sulli admits that her frank way of speaking often causes misunderstandings. “Because I say what I think, I get misunderstood a lot,” she says. “People who are close to me often say that they have to hear me out until I finish talking. I get frustrated when people misunderstand me, but I’m not the type to make excuses.”

Her personality certainly helps her in making friends as she is never scared to approach people first. “I approach them with the mindset of ‘They won’t hate me if they know me’ and that I’ll regret it if we don’t become friends,” she explains.

The “Real” star then reveals what she regrets the most in her life. “I wanted to go to university but I couldn’t,” she reveals, before adding, “I definitely want to go later on.”

Her statement sparks backlash from people as they feel that going to college won’t be useful to her, especially since she’s “addicted” to Instagram. “My first lecture – *takes a pic for Instagram.* My first test – *takes a pic for Instagram* My first spring break *takes a pic for Instagram.* It’s graduation time already *takes a pic for Instagram,* ” a commenter writes on an article on Nate. “What you should be regretting is ever joining Instagram,” another adds.

People’s criticism is understandable since Sulli’s Instagram posts often spark controversy. She previously received backlash for posting a video of a . The video saw her laughing at the eel that she was grilling. At one point, Sulli could be heard saying, “Save me, ah, save me!”


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