Stormy Daniels

Her Bodyguards Abused Abbey Patrons

… And Stiffed The Club

5/25/2018 6:11 AM PDT

Stormy Daniels was a “delightful guest” Wednesday night at The Abbey in WeHo … on the other hand, her bodyguards were thugs who were rude, aggressive and cheap … this according to the club.

Abbey management reacted to the video we shot, showing her hired muscle getting super aggressive with photogs, flipping them off and swearing.

Management said it didn’t stop once they got inside … “Her security detail was a disaster.  They were rude to many of our guests, they were aggressive with several of our staff, they were shoving press outside and being generally rude.”

And the complaints didn’t stop there … “They also walked out on their bill and didn’t tip the server … We’ve heard from many of you that they were taking your cell phones away.  If your cell phone was taken by her security detail, please file a report with the West Hollywood Sheriffs immediately.”

So far no one has filed a police report. 

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