Colbert points out an enlightening interview with Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson.

“Case in point, this interview with SNL’s Pete Davidson. He’s talking about what it was like when Trump hosted the show back in 2015.”

Davidson said Trump “faked a phone call during the table read. Right as we started he like, he was like – ‘Hello!’ he goes, ‘Oh, fantastic. OK, great!’ And then he hung up and he goes ‘Hey everybody, my book just went number one!’ And we were all like, ‘Yo, that phone didn’t ring.’”

“They were tipped off when Trump answered on his finger-phone,” Colbert said.

“Can’t talk. Obama tapped this hand. Call me on my other one. ‘Hello? OK, tell me how great my book is doing.’ Not only was this rando phone call apparently faked, but the book he’s referring to, Crippled America, never made it to number one on the bestseller list.

“It was like Moscow. Trump just sat there while someone else went number one.

“Damn you, Satan!”

And by the way: He notes that White House staffers have to place their phones in a locker to prevent leaks.

So if Trump’s the only one left with a phone, who’s leaking?

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