The Juice is jumping back into the dating pool.

A week after O.J. Simpson was released from prison after serving nine years for a 2007 kidnapping and armed robbery in Las Vegas, Saturday Night Live explored a scenario if the former football star started trying his luck on dating apps.

Simpson, played by Kenan Thompson, heads out for a swanky dinner with a woman named Mila he met on Bumble, portrayed by host Gal Gadot. Fortunately for Simpson, Mila grew up in Bosnia when the war took over the news in the ’90s and prefers “the mystery” that comes with not Googling her dates.

Though one waiter curtly takes their plates away, another waiter brings a stacked plate of steak, lamb chops, burgers and fries.

“I’m starving,” Simpson exclaims. “I feel like I haven’t eaten a decent meal in years.”

Unfortunately, it’s a bit difficult for Simpson to share with his date.

“For some reason they gave me a plastic knife,” he says.

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When Mila inquires why people are acting so strangely, from taking videos of him to a woman who scolds her for the public outing with Simpson, he replies that “when you look like I do in this country, people treat you differently.”

“You mean because of racism?” Mila asks.

“Yes,” Simpson quickly replies.

Sick of the attention, Simpson suggests they leave.

“I’ll tell my friend A.C. to pull the car around,” he says. “You know I almost forgot. I wanted to show you my license plate — I made it myself.”

He then turns to the camera and says with a wink, “Still got it.”

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