An irresponsible mother, left guests hungry at her daughter’s birthday party on the weekend. first reported that the 58-year-old superstar invited friends to her Hamptons estate for a sleepover to celebrate her adopted daughter Mercy’s 11th birthday.

However, a source said that Madonna quickly went to bed, leaving her guests starving while the children played “unruly” music. Finally on the second night of the sleepover, a guest stormed out of the singer’s bedroom. “My daughter’s starving! Those kid’s downstairs are starving!” the guest shouted out. “And the chef tells me he only takes orders from the lady of the house!”

Not long after, Madonna ordered up dinner, but her French Caribbean chef served a kosher meal that was “horrible.” In the end, several parents took their children to a local diner.

Earlier this week, the “Hung Up” hitmaker took her adopted twin daughters for their first-horse riding lesson. In a video she shared on Instagram, she could be heard instructing her little girl from the sidelines. “Up And Down is the Metaphor for life!!! We just have to bend our knees! first riding lesson is AWESOME !!!!!!” so she captioned the clip.

She previously introduced the twins in a video she shared on the photo-sharing platform. The adorable clip found them chanting “mambo mambo coffee coffee.” “How Mambo is gonna get through Friday!” so she captioned it, implying “Mambo” might be the twins’ nickname for their mother.


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