By: Andrea Wurzburger

In 1999, we were all blessed with a summer hit for the ages. It was the year that SisQó released the “Thong Song.” Along with it came the iconic video featuring a silver-haired Sisqo dancing around the beach in an all-white vest ensemble. There were stunts. There were women. There were thongs. Go ahead, reminisce about the simpler times:

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But now, in 2017, millennials are getting the remake they didn’t know they needed. “It was time to put some new rims on the Bugatti,” SisQó tells BuzzFeed. With a new beat, new looks, new group choreography and plenty of thongs, we present: “Thong Song”…again.

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And the internet responded, as the internet does.

Sisqo is a true national hero.

Serving (Re-heating? Re-serving?) us some summer jam realness.

A jam that we didn’t know we needed.

Some people wanted to know where are all of the thighs like what, what, what and the dumps like trucks, trucks, trucks were.

But mostly, people were shook.

Though some realized they should maybe save a video about thongs for after work.

Regardless, this is the summer gift we didn’t know we needed. Bless you and your thongs, SisQó.


Sometimes, you’ve just got to take a page out of SisQó’s book. In this VH1 Vintage video, Zac Efron reveals a time in his life when he dyed his hair silver to look cool.

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