11/20/2016 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Shaunie O’Neal has a message for any racists that might try to bully her children … don’t try it … saying her kids are completely ready, willing and able … TO FIGHT BACK!

We got Shaunie out at LAX and asked her what it’s like raising youngsters (she has five kids) in the tense racial and social time the country is going through right now.

Remember … one of those kids is high school basketball star Shareef O’Neal, who’s choosing from a huge number of colleges, some of which are in the South.

It’s clear Ms. O’Neal ain’t scared at all … saying she’s taught her kids all about defending themselves and none of their hearts pump any Kool-Aid … at all.

Also worth noting … their father is 7’1″ 360 pounds … and Shareef is 6’8″ … so prolly not a good idea to mess.

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