Shareef Picked Arizona

… But I Still Can’t Root Against LSU

5/2/2017 4:14 PM PDT


Shaq‘s kid might now belong to Arizona, but it’s clear the Diesel’s heart could still belong to LSU, ’cause he refused to answer who he’d root for if the two school’s happen to play each other.

We got the big man out in NYC and talked to him about Shareef finally picking a school … University of Arizona … and how much Shaq had to do with it.

O’Neal answered … saying he had nothing to do with that call … what he DIDN’T answer is who he’d be yelling for if the Wildcats play the Tigers, where of course Shaq is a legend.

It’s alright, Shaq … the teams are in different conferences, and we don’t see ‘Reef being in Tucson long.

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