The late-night host imagined what the reality star turned president might know — or not know — about U.S. history.

Seth Meyers mocked President Trump in a Late Night bit shared online on Independence Day. In the video — titled “President Donald J. Trump’s Salute to America’s Independence” — Meyers imagines what the former reality host might know (or not know) about U.S. history.

The animated video features Meyers doing his best Trump impression while walking viewers through America’s birthday and other historical events.

The video kicks off with an explanation of the Boston Tea Party, which according to Meyers’ Trump, was “a big tea party in Boston, Massachusetts where American patriots threw a bunch of tea in the river” because “we all know that Americans don’t drink tea, they drink coffee.”

“And Diet Coke,” he adds, referencing Trump’s well-documented affinity for the calorie-free cola. “It’s the best drink.”

Meyers’ Trump also claims that former Virginia Governor Patrick Henry “famously tweeted, ‘Give me liberty, or give me death.” He also noted the unfortunate fact that Henry — who died in 1799 — didn’t live to see the day when Twitter allowed users to write 280-character messages. “Had he had more characters, he probably would have added something like, ‘Give me a hamburger.'”

Elsewhere in the video, Meyers’ Trump says that Benedict Arnold “is one of my favorite breakfasts,” seemingly confusing the former U.S. general for Eggs Benedict. He also says that the country’s founding fathers had “really bad hair,” unlike his famous combover, which he calls “good hair that doesn’t, in any way, look like a wig.”

Meyers’ Trump also takes aim at “Speaker of the House Paul Revere,” who “does not have a spine” — a not-so-subtle swipe at Paul Ryan. 

Incidentally, Trump delivered a Fourth of July address on Wednesday morning, in which he stressed America’s “win” over Great Britain in the Revolutionary War.

The president acknowledged George Washington and “his army of brave patriots” who “fought a long, tough war with the British to win America’s freedom.” Trump said in a Twitter video, “Win they did. From Bunker Hill to Saratoga to Yorktown, American soldiers fought and died to secure our independence and to make a sovereign nation.”

Watch Meyers’ Trump sketch in the video below.

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