How does she do it? Salma Hayek shared a video on Aug. 8 looking flawless, makeup free without a line on her face at age 51. We’ve also got her sexy selfie rocking a black bikini.

There are some stars who just seem to age backwards and Salma Hayek is definitely one of them. At 51 her face and  body are more incredible than ever. In a sizzling Instagram pic she shared on Aug. 8, her stunning bikini figure is to die for! She posted a selfie in a tiny black two piece and her famous cleavage is on display. The actress has always had one of the most enviable figures in Hollywood, and at 51 she looks sexier than ever. She’s seen halfway out of the crystal clear South Pacific water with her hair slightly wet and she captioned it “#nofilter #noretouching” to make sure fans know her beauty is completely natural.

In a separate IG video, Salma claims she’s “in my element” with the water and nature all around her in Bora Bora. Lush green islands are off in the distance and the water is aqua blue. Her face is so flawless and wrinkle free, simply glowing  without any makeup while riding on a boat across a blue sea. She has amazing genetics as she’s smiling from ear to ear and is totally able to move her face around unlike some celebs who go a little hard on botox  and end up with more frozen faces. Salma’s natural complexion is so beautiful she could easily pass for someone half her age.

Fans couldn’t get enough of Salma’s sexy bikini Instagram pic, writing “U are a knockout” and “Still so hot!!!!!” in the comments. “Damn lookin good Salma!!” one fan told her while another added, “To describe you in two words or less, “SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL.” Others simply wrote “How???” wondering exactly how she can look just as gorgeous as she did in her twenties.

Salma is part of that elite group of celebrities who just seem to get hotter with age. It’s a weird Benjamin Buttons effect that Jennifer Lopez looks sexier than ever at 49, Halle Berry has the most banging body of her life at 51, and Elizabeth Hurley can still rock a bikini better at 53 than many starlets half her age. Whatever their secrets are, we want it to know!

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