Ever since I watched the “Stand Still” movement visual, I have been hooked to the sweet tunes of Sabrina Claudio. Last month, the Miami artist dropped a project titled About Time, a beautiful expression of the growing pains associated with love and self-discovery. Last night, Sabrina opened for 6LACK’s shows in New York so we had to have her come to the TRL studio while she was in town.

Once the singer-songwriter was finished talking about gaining attention for her covers on YouTube when she was 14, she explained the making of “Unravel Me” music video and tried her best to teach Matt Rife how to salsa during a heated round of Cuff’d. Later on, Sabrina returned to the stage for a performance of “Frozen” that gave the studio CHILLS.

Afterward, she spoke with Tamara Dhia about her experience on the road with 6LACK, finding her voice, some of her musical inspirations, and being a part of the R&B revival. Get the recap in the video, below. TRL airs on weekdays at 4:00pm ET!

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