Wearing a unicorn mask, the ‘Deadpool 2’ actor wows the celebrity panelists with his perfect pronunciations while singing ‘Tomorrow’ from the musical ‘Annie’.

Ryan Reynolds showed off his singing chops on South Korean reality series “King of Masked Singer”. The 41-year-old actor, who hid his face behind a unicorn mask, wowed the celebrity panelists with his perfect pronunciations as he sang “Tomorrow” from the musical “Annie”.

But it was his surprise appearance on the show that got the whole panelists and audience in the studio stunned. Once the “Deadpool” actor took off his mask, everyone was surprised and couldn’t hide their excitement, with their mouths agape.

Ryan humbly apologized for his performance and expressed his disbelief at one of the panelists, Lee Yoon Seok, who guessed that he’s Donald Trump. “I’m so sorry about that song,” he said. He secretly filmed his appearance on the singing competition show during his two-day visit to South Korea to promote his new movie “Deadpool 2“. “I didn’t even tell my wife,” he quipped.

In a backstage interview, the Canadian hunk jokingly admitted he’s in “the top five worst singers in the universe.” He shared, “I’ve never, in my life, been on stage singing in front of anyone.” Though saying that singing in the mask didn’t help him sound better, he said he’s going the take the unicorn mask home because “it’s easier to use than Deadpool mask. This is a breeze.”

After the episode aired, producing-director Oh Noo Ri talked about how they tapped Ryan to appear on the show. “After we heard of his activities in Korea, we also heard that many programs had sent their hopes of working with him. I think the masked part of ‘King of Masked Singer’ had a lot to do with it. Since ‘Deadpool’ also has to do with wearing a mask, he ended up appearing on the show,” she said.

She went on praising the “Green Lantern” star, “He’s an accomplished star, but he was very sensible and so he was quite friendly. He also personally chose the song ‘Tomorrow’ as he wanted to perform a song that Koreans would know well. I think he’s an actor that had a lot of consideration for Koreans.”