The characters on Riverdale have been trying to solve the murder of Jason Blossom all season long. 

It was poised to be a reveal saved for the season finale of the freshman hit, but loyal viewers were treated to the truth on Riverdale Season 1 Episode 12

With FP Jones behind bars for the murder, it seemed like he was going say that he did not carry out the murder. 

Instead, he admitted to everything and gave all the finer details to Sheriff Keller. He went all the way back to the summer when Jason asked him for help making a getaway from town with Polly. 

Right up to the point he allegedly shot the kid and hid his body in a freezer. It seemed like he was telling the truth, right?


With Archie, Betty, and Veronica not willing to believe that little nugget of truth, they continued on a mission to seek out the truth and, boy, they got it. 

In a bat $hit crazy twist, it was revealed that Jason’s father, Clifford, was the one who dealt the fatal blow to Jason with the gun that was planted in FP’s house. 

FP was holding the kid ransom, but Clifford decided to take him out of the equation because of all the drama he was causing by dating Polly Cooper. 

But, why did the family hate Polly, exactly? 

That was another shock altogether. Hal Cooper appeared in the dead of night at his former home, intent on destroying the evidence he stole from Sheriff Keller’s. 

When caught, it gave Alice and Betty the truth because FP had confessed to taking that evidence himself. Hal opened up about the fact that great-grandpapa Cooper was a blossom. 

Let us do the math for you. That means Polly, Betty and Hal have Blossom blood running through them. More importantly, it meant Polly got knocked up by her third cousin. 


No wonder the family members wanted the relationship to be over. If that truth spread across the quaint town of Riverdale, the maple syrup business would likely be in tatters. 

Anyway, Clifford wound up murdering himself, presumably because the truth was about to come out. 

Poor Jughead thought this meant his father was being released from jail, but Sheriff Keller confirmed the news Jughead feared the most: His father will be spending a lot of time behind bars for his part in hiding the body. 

The kid has been living without a guardian since the series kicked off, so it made sense for him to try and flee to Toledo to be with his mother. 

However, she told him to stay put in Riverdale because she did not want him living with her. I mean, what the heck?

Any parent would be ecstatic to see their kid after being apart from them for all that time. 

Poor Jughead looks set to struggle to find his place in the world, once again. 

And there we have it, folks. Riverdale’s first big mystery has been solved. 

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