Riverdale is the latest show to jump on the musical episode craze, but Riverdale Season 2 Episode 18 also advanced the plot in a big way. 

When the episode got underway, the cast of Carrie: The Musical performed their first number, and it gave us our first glimpse at the cast for the musical spectacular. 

Barchie fans got some good news because the pair were paired up to take on the roles of Tommy and Sue, Veronica got to play Chris, and Cheryl even got to play Carrie. 

Cheryl’s performance of “Carrie” proved the naysayers wrong because it was actually filled with a lot of great moments. 

But the biggest shocker was a sandbag falling from the ceiling and missing her by a few inches. Yes, this was definitely going to be a night to remember. 

Then, the Black Hood apparently sent Kevin a horrifying letter demanding that Carrie was recast, but it was put down to some jealousy from the other cast members. 

Things between Josie and Cheryl were not good, and that was a result of Josie learning that Cheryl was trying to stalk her. 

They managed to put the past behind them when Cheryl was honest about her struggles, and it made Josie realize there was something wrong with her former friend and vowed to help her. 

Kevin was growing worried that a serial killer was in their midst, and asked Cheryl to give up her role after another letter threatening that death was on the horizon for someone. 

Cheryl did not want to give up her role, but good old Penelope stuck the knife in to her daughter by refusing to approve for her to take part. 

Midge was drafted in at the last moment to replace Cheryl, but the latter was not giving up without a fight and returned home to confront her mother. 

Cheryl demanded to be emancipated from her mother, but we never got much of an answer from her before we returned to the school. 

People showed up for opening night to find Midge dead before the show kicked off with a note from the Black Hood confirming his return. 

Elsewhere, the political drama in town continued to spiral out of control, and Hiram decided to take advantage of his relationship with Archie. 

In essence, he wanted to come between the father and son, but Archie was wiser than Hiram gave him credit for. 

Archie returned the car from Hiram and warned him not to pull a stunt like that again, before buying a fixer-upper car that he and Fred could work on. 

Oh yes, Archie can speak for himself, you guys!

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