Chris Brown can’t seem to keep Rihanna’s name out of his mouth, but as we’ve EXCLUSIVELY learned, she wishes that Chris and everyone would ‘just move on’ with their lives.

Chris Brown, 28, should really take the hint. It’s been nearly five years since he and Rihanna, 30, last broke up, but it always seems like he’s doing something to stir up rumors and get people talking about him and her. Take, for instance, how he sent her a birthday greeting for her big 3-0. While that might be sweet to some, as a source EXCLUSIVELY told, Rihanna’s officially over Chris’s thirsty behavior “Rihanna has really gotten to the point where she’s just tired of the whole Chris Brown thing,” the insider says. “She’s tired of being asked to talk about him during interviews, she’s tired of the endless speculation, and she’s tired of Chris feeding into the rumor mill by constantly talking about, and name checking, her.

“As far as Rihanna is concerned,” the source tells, “that period of her life is now firmly in the past, she’s put it all behind her, and she’s grown a lot as a person since those days. In many ways Rihanna doesn’t even recognize the girl that she was back then. It seems like a lifetime ago and so much has passed since then.” Indeed. Rihanna – who was already a big star by the time she and Chris called it quits for a second time in 2013 – continues to reach new levels of professional success. On top of that, she’s found new love with billionaire boyfriend Hassan Jameel. Things are so good between them that she’s even considering what he would be like as a father.

As for Breezy? “Rihanna doesn’t wish Chris any ill will–the exact opposite in fact, she would love to see him happy and successful—but, she really wants that chapter in her life to be closed for once and for all,” the source adds, and for everyone to just move on.” Someone should let Chris know, because he doesn’t seem ready to let go of RiRi. He was one of the first people – literally, like he waited until it was midnight – to wish her Happy Birthday by posting a baby picture of her on his Instagram. Keeping pictures of your ex is one thing. Keeping pictures of your ex they were a toddler? Weird.

Chris also got people buzzing with a Feb. 9 tweet where he proposed “A CRAZY WORLD TOUR” that would include Beyonce, Bruno Mars himself and – you guessed it – Rihanna. The tweet came exactly 9 years after he infamously attacked Rihanna. So, many were highly suspicious of this “coincidence.”  Perhaps Chris should stay in his own lane for a while? Rihanna is clearly ready to stay in hers.

HollywoodLifers, do you think Chris will ever stop talking about Rihanna?

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