Another footage featuring has been edited out from “”. reports that the producers of the Bravo reality show decide to cut her engagement footage from the show after .

“Danielle threatened to sue if the show aired the sex footage so the producers pulled it and they pulled her engagement footage too,” a source shares. The source goes on saying that Danielle is “way too much trouble,” adding that “her drama was X-rated.”

According to the source, the reality TV show “filmed her ‘surprise engagement’ ” a few days after the “outrageous” sex in the bathroom between Danielle and her new man, Marty Carrey. The source further details, “Danielle’s engagement was filmed with almost all of the Housewives but they cut all of it out from the show.”

“Danielle’s nasty bathroom sex made it impossible to put anything else about her on the show,” says the source. “She fought with the production company to keep the sickening sex scene out of the show. So, they cut her engagement out of the show.”

Danielle and Marty having a bathroom sex while filming also doesn’t sit well with the other Housewives. Another source previously claimed to that “the ladies confronted Danielle while shooting the reunion recently,” adding that “the discussion will air on TV.”

Danielle and Marty reportedly had a quick sex in the bathroom while filming for the show at the opening celebrations of Gorga’s Homemade Pasta & Pizza back in May. The 55-year-old reality star even bragged about Marty’s ejaculation on her shoe.

Dolores Catania allegedly “went nuts” and even called her “a pig.” Dolores was allegedly upset because there were children present at , and Joe’s family event. Thus, she thought that talking about Marty’s ejaculation in front of kids was inappropriate.

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