Another day, another passenger kicked off a flight. This time it was R&B singer Jacquees who was booted from a Delta plane on July 14 after nearly coming to blows with a man and threatening him with violence.

Now this is getting ridiculous. It’s become an unfortunate pattern over recent months that people just can’t get to their plane seats in peace. Whether they deserved to get kicked off the flight or not, a definite shift has happened in the way people travel and the attitudes they bring onboard. Jacquees, 23, is the “victim” to get the boot. We use that word loosely because his behavior on a July 14 Delta flight seems questionable at the very least. Not only did he refuse to get off his cell phone before takeoff, he also verbally harassed a fellow passenger on his way off the plane, according to TMZ.

The publication claims the pilot, who was in the middle of taxiing the plane, returned to the gate because the R&B singer wouldn’t stop making calls. That’s when a member of the flight crew approached him and told him to get off. On his way out, a frustrated passenger reportedly said, “Thanks, a**hole,” which is when Jacquees lost it! “Man you better watch your mouth before I slap you,” he says to the man. “I’m saying look at me in the eyes when you talking to me! Whatcha’ gonna do? What did you do that for? Because you what?”

Friends of Jacquees tell the story a little differently, though. A source close to the “B.E.D” hitmaker alleged that the same passenger who called him an “a**hole” also made a racist remark, according to TMZ. Apparently Jacquees was so wrapped up in a conversation with his mom that he didn’t know it was time to turn off all cellphones. Delta reportedly told the publication that he felt “contrite” after his removal.

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